APT-Siemens APT

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    Advanced, Perfect, Top

    APT, a leading domestic brand of low-voltage control apparatus

  • HOT

    LA39 Pushbuttons
    • waixingmeiguanguigeqiquan.svg
      Pleasant look, diverse specifications

    • mokuaikakoushilianjie.svg
      Modular snap fit

    • chudianzijieqiangzhiduankai.svg
      Self-cleaning contacts, forced break

    • anzhuangkongjing.svg
      Mounting cut-outs


  • HOT

    x.R Relays
    • daiyouceshishoubinggongneng.svg
      With test handle function

    • daiyoujixiezhishi.svg
      With mechanical indication

    • langyongyizhichanpin.svg
      Surge suppressor products

    • shuangxiangLED.svg
      Bidirectional LED

  • HOT

    Universal Cam Switch
    • wannengzhuanhuankaiguan.svg
      Universal Cam Switch

    • shoubingyangshiduoyang.svg
      Diverse handle styles

    • shouganrouhehuanxiangqingxi.svg
      Smooth and clear shift

    • anquankekao.svg
      Safe and reliable

  • HOT

    TL Tower Light
    • fanghudengji.svg
      Degree of protection

      Up to IP65

    • anzhuangfangshi.svg
      Mounting method


    • gongzuowendu.svg
      Operating temperature


    • liangdu.svg

      High-brightness solid color LED

  • HOT

    ALH Current Transformers
    • jingdugao.svg
      High precision

      Superior core material, high measurement accuracy

    • guigeqiquan.svg
      Diverse specifications

      Open-type & mA level current transformers

    • haoanji.svg
      mA level

      mA level current transformers

    • dianliu.svg

      Primary current: 5~8,000A
      Secondary current: 1A/ 5A



Tailored Solutions for Special Needs

  • New Energy

  • Rail Transit

  • Logistics

  • Electric Elevator

  • Machine Tool

  • Data Center

  • Marine

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    APT offers reliable solutions for new energy equipment application to boost efficient use and sustainability of energy as well as popularization of clean energy. The products include E-stop pushbuttons , MCBs, current transformers,relays,etc.
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    APT products adapt to the harsh conditions and frequent usage in rail transit. The products include indicators,knobs,flashing buzzers,etc.
  • wuliu-469.jpg
    With high reliability and durability, APT products boost the safety and efficiency of logistics activities. The products include tower lights, pushbuttons, current transformers, limit switches, etc.
  • adianti.jpg
    APT products offer stable control and indication for electric elevators, ensuring their safe and stable operation. The products include cam switches, indicators, MCBs, relays,pushbutton,pushbutton boxes etc.
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    APT products feature fast response and high load capacity, and adaptability to diverse operating conditions, for efficient operation and reliable protection. The products include cam switches, indicators, pushbuttons, relays, etc.
  • shujuzhongxin.jpg
    APT products ensure safe and stable equipment operation in data centers. The products include cam switches,current transformer,MCB,indicators, pushbuttons, relays, etc.
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    APT products are used to measure,control or indicate the electrical equipment on ships for safety and reliability even in harsh conditions.The products include cam switches, indicators, MCBs, current transformers, etc.