After-sales Service Policy

Return and Exchange Policy

Warranty Policy

Maintenance and Restructuring Policy

  • After-sales Service Policy

    1. The after-sales policy of Siemens APT is based on our core values: fast, flexibility and loyalty.

    2. The principles of our after-sales services: For customer’s value! For customer's needs! For customer's satisfaction!

    3. For any after-sales issue requiring on-site technical support, please contact the distributor from which you bought our products.

    4. For any major quality issue arising at customers' site, the After-sales Service Department is to handle it on the spot within 48 hours once confirmed with the customer. All relevant costs are to be borne by APT, provided they are incurred for the on-site services due to product quality issues. If the product is found to have no faults after testing, APT will charge for the after-sales service at the standard rates.

  • Return and Exchange Policy

    1. Customers may return or exchange their products with batch quality issues within the warranty period.

    2. Any products of conventional models are available for exchange within one month after the delivery date, provided they remain unpacked, uninstalled, and good for re-sale.

    3. Non-conventional models or non-standard customized products are not available for return or exchange.

  • Warranty Policy

    1. The warranty period of Siemens APT products is 18 months from the date of delivery.

    2. Any quality issues arising within the warranty period will be handled according to the 3R (Repair, Replacement, Refund) policy for low-voltage electrical products in China. Damages not caused by product quality issues (incl. human damage, improper use, or force majeure) are not covered by the 3R.

    3.Non-standard customized products will be handled in accordance with the customized product quality assurance agreement.

  • Maintenance and Restructuring Policy

    1. To repair the product, customers may contact APT distributors or salesmen, who will fill in the maintenance request form and send the product along with the form to the APT Tiantai factory with the consent of the after-sales engineer. Our electrical engineers will repair the defective product before returning it to the customer. For quality issues or products within the warranty period, free repairs are available. For non-quality issues or those beyond the warranty period, fees will be charged at the standard rates.

    2. For products beyond the exchange period or of non-conventional models/customization, certain series can be restructured, subject to fees for repair and maintenance.